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Reflexology Expert

Start date

7 June 2024

Final date

26 July 2024


60 Hours

Course price

830 €

(Includes tuition and materials)

Promotion price

725 €

(Includes tuition and materials)

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What is Reflexology?


Reflexology is a type of traditional massage that stimulates reflex points of organs in the feet, hands and face. This massage activates energy conduits to promote self-healing and relieve specific problems such as back pain, neck, head, constipation, gastritis, menstrual cramps, asthma, anxiety, insomnia, depression, sciatica, among others.

Course description

The course is designed for people interested in manual, natural and energetic therapies, whether or not they have previous experience. It is also suitable for those interested in oriental medicine, as well as for beauticians and chiromassage therapists, with the aim of learning about treatments that contribute to calming the nervous system and relieving muscular tensions.

Teaching Plan



MOD 1 - Introduction to Reflexology:

      1. Origin and History
      2. Reflexology and Symbolism
      3. How does Reflexology work?
      4.  Structure and Anatomy of the foot


MOD 2 - Therapeutic Techniques:

       1. Benefits and Contraindications
       2. Conditions and Preparation
       3. The Reflexology Session
       4. Mapping of the Reflex Zones

       5. Practical Applications


MOD 3 - Manual Techniques:

       1. Nuda Thai Boran Method
       2. Massage Technique and Treatment
       3. Diagnosis and Treatment of Reflex Zones

Annex 1: Therapeutic Guide for Common Illnesses

Annex 2: Foot Care Guide


Next available sessions: 


From June 07 to July 26 (every Friday).


*For the course to take place, a minimum of 2 people is required

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