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Lomi Lomi Specialist

Start date

24 July 2024

Final date

31 July 2024


16 Hours

Course price

450 €

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280 €

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What is Lomi Lomi massage?


The Lomi Lomi has its origin in the ancient Hawaiian healers with more than 4,000 years old, who through the Huna philosophy treated the body and mind.

It is one of the deepest ways of massaging the body and its objective is to achieve total harmony by working all the muscles and facilitating the passage of energetic fluids. You will learn the essence of this therapy from its origins to the application protocols in Luxury Spas.

Course description

Course aimed at all those people, with or without previous experience, interested in manual, natural and energy therapies, oriental medicine and in all those treatments that calm the nervous system, muscular and emotional tensions. As well as beauticians, massage therapists and those who want to start in the world of well-being.

Teaching Plan

The teaching is theoretical and practical, focusing on personalized learning with each student. All the contents of each course are explained in detail so that the training is an enriching experience of total knowledge.




  • History and origin
  • Lomi Lomi VS Lomi Lomi Nui
  • Application of Lomi Lomi
  • Benefits and Precautions
  • Practice

+ Protocols for working in Spas in 5* Hotels


Next available dates:



The 24th, 29th, 39th and 31st of July. From 9:00 to 14:00. 



A certified diploma will be delivered at the end of the course, as long as all the hours are attended.


*For the realization of the course minimum 2 people are required.

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