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Cycle Luxury Wellness & Spa · September 2024 ·

Aesthetics & Wellness · Academic year 2024 ·


Specialist therapist in Spas 5*

Start date

September 2024

Final date

June 2025


200 Hours
in Luxury Spas

Course price

3.946 €

(Includes tuition and materials)

Cash price

3.552 €

(Includes tuition and materials)

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What is it about?


It is an annual cycle for all those students who want to focus their career path in the world of Wellness, Aesthetics and Massage.


Essential manual therapies such as chiromassage, manual lymphatic drainage, reflexology and World Massages such as Massage with candle, Gua Sha, Hot Stones and Pindasweda will be taught. You will acquire all the knowledge of facial and body beauty, as well as Spa Rituals.


In addition, you will have subjects related to Spa Management such as Thermalism protocols of Luxury Spas. We offer you the opportunity to work with one of the best brands of high cosmetics: Anne Semonin Paris.

What will you achieve?


During the course, all students will be required to complete an internship. For this purpose, Mayan Spas offers its centers as well as those of Aire de Barcelona and other Luxury Spas to be carried out in a real environment. In addition, the most outstanding students will be able to opt for a job placement in one of the Mayan Luxury Group centers.


At the end of the course, a Final Project will be carried out, which will lead you to put into practice everything you have learned during these months.


A Private Professional Certificate"Luxury Wellness & Spa Specialist Certification"will be awarded, which accredits the student to work in 5* and 5*GL Hotels.

Module 1: Therapy & Beauty


  • Anatomy, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage and DLM
  • Techniques of the World
  • Facial and Body Beauty
  • Cosmetology and Aromatherapy

Module 2: Spa Experience & Wellness Sector


  • 5*GL Protocols and Standards
  • Spa Experience for therapists
  • Wellness Sector
  • Thermalism and Spas

Module 3: Engagement Tools


  • Marketing and Sales
  • Job Orientation
  • Occupational Risks
  • English for Spa Specialists

Module 4: Final Project


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We offer you the opportunity to do your internship at any of our Mayan Spas Centers, Aire de Barcelona, and other luxury spas in the city of Barcelona. These internships consist of 200 hours and will take place during the months of May and June 2024.

The most outstanding students will be able to opt for a job in one of the centers of Mayan Luxury Group.


Start your career in a 5* Grand Luxury Hotel. 


By training at Spa Academy, you will be able to obtain the following opportunities in the labor market:


  • Specialist therapist in 5* Spas


  • World Massage Technician


  • Specialist in facial and body techniques


  • Hotels, Spas, Cruises and Spas


  • Wellness Centers


  • Clinics and Aesthetics Offices


  • Sports Clubs


  • Manual Therapy and Aesthetic Centers

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At Spa Academy we want to make it easy for you, choose the payment method that best suits your needs.


1. You will benefit from a 10% discount if you make the full payment of the cycle


2. You can also pay by direct debit in two payments: September and November (5% included)


3. Or if you prefer, you can finance the course directly with Caixa Bank



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