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All our courses are based on theoretical and practical training.

Cycle Luxury Wellness & Spa · September 2024 ·

Register and become an expert in the world of Wellness & Spa. With this theoretical-practical on-site cycle you will learn to manage all the services related to wellness; Massages of the World, Facial and Body beauty, Spa Rituals and much more!

Available sessions: mornings and afternoons.

Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 2pm.

Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7:30pm.


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Intensive Course - Quiromassage

Discover the Quiromassage course where you will learn a technique composed of various therapeutic massages that can restore mental and physical health through different manipulations and stretches. In this way, we alleviate bodily discomfort, relieve tension, and prevent various pathologies

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Intensive Course · Massages of the World ·

Massages of the World gives you the opportunity to train in various disciplines in just a few weeks. We have designed a program with the most demanded massages by customers, offered by spas and centers around the world. 

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Intensive Course · Swedish Massage ·

This massage helps to release tension, relax the muscles and improve blood and lymphatic circulation, favoring the elimination of a large number of toxins. Theoretical-practical classroom training consisting of 60 hours of learning.

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Intensive Course · Reflexology ·

The Foot Reflexology course provides a solid foundation for those who wish to learn and practice this technique. It covers topics such as the history, theory and practice of foot reflexology, giving you the necessary knowledge to apply it in a responsible and professional manner.

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Intensive Course · Hot Stones ·

Massage performed with hot stones at specific points that help to relax and restore the body thanks to the energetic vibrations of the stones and their temperature. On-site theoretical-practical training consisting of 16 hours of learning

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Intensive Course · Aromatherapy ·

Delve into the fascinating world of Essential Oils as a therapy for healing and prevention of various pathologies. Learn how to handle the therapeutic and indicative actions of different Essential Oils, as well as the precautions and specific applications in massage.

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Intensive Course · Lomi Lomi ·

A traditional Hawaiian massage performed exclusively with the forearms, creating shock waves over the body that are both relaxing and invigorating. Theoretical training - face-to-face practice consisting of 16 hours of learning.

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Intensive Course · Pindas Massage ·

It is a type of Ayurvedic massage performed with Pindas (cloth bags filled with various mixtures of herbs or other ingredients). The function of this massage is to balance body and mind, with relaxing massage manipulations and the therapeutic power of phytotherapy and aromatherapy. Theoretical-practical classroom training consisting of 16 hours of learning.

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Luxury Spa & Wellness Management (Online)

After the Luxury Wellness & Spa specialist certification cycle, we encourage you to extend your training with our specialization in Spa Management. 

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